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Full cycle creative production
We will develop creative ideas in accordance with your goals and budget, taking into account the production process in advance
If you already have a creative idea, we will offer options for its implementation. Even before the start of production, you'll get an understanding of the final result
We will ensure the most accurate implementation of the idea thanks to the coordinated work of professionals on the set
With the help of creative and technical capabilities, we will turn an ordinary idea into an emotional seduction for your clients
Date: 10/12/2017
Client: The First Caviar Company

Creative & Production: Eve Production
Executive Producer: Sergii Soldatov
Director: Andrew Rakoff
DoP: Vlad Yakimenko
Date: 20/11/2018
Client: Sweet.tv

Creative & Production: Eve Production
Executive Producer: Sergii Soldatov
Director: Yaroslav Klimas
DoP: Kirill Shliamin
We've got the same goal with you - to create a qualitative product which will make your brand recognizable and loved!
We create and implement creative ideas that will work specifically for your brand
We manage to find a balance between beauty, speed and costs of the project
Our goal is a cool result! We value long-term and friendly relations with our partners and clients
Our clients and friends with whom we have already created the cool products
Questions that are often asked to us. We tried to answer them in advance!
Is it mandatory to fill a brief?
Of course. The way you know your brand, product or service and are able to set goals for video production - no one can. The more accurate and complete information you provide at the beginning of the project, the better will be result.
How many creative concepts will you offer?
The number of options will depend on the video format you need. Our production proposal will include 2-4 options of creative concepts to choose from. Developing a creative concept, we offer ideas within your budget. You do not have to make story and financial compromises, as we take into account the possibilities of production and give you an idea of the final result at the stage of concept approval.
What determines the choice of the method of production?
The method of production (production shooting, motion design or animation) directly depends on the goals for which you are creating a video: corporate, image or advertising. The main thing to remember is that one video should fulfill only one purpose! Which method of production should you choose? One which, with the help of a tone of voice, will be able to best tell about brand/product/service to the target audience. Your budget and the timelines for the video production can also influence the choice of production method.
How long does it take to create a video?
To understand how long it takes to produce a video, you need to determine its format. The timing of production depends on the method of production:

Animation – from 2 weeks

Corporate video / Promo video – from 1 week

Production shooting (commercial/music video) – from 3 weeks

The timing of the production directly depends on the speed of decision-making by customers, the process of acceptance and approval of the proposed options at all stages of production.
What is the cost of video production?
As a reference, we can offer you the initial cost of the services we offer:

• Development of a creative idea / script writing - from $500

• Corporate video / promo video - from $1500

• Music video - from $5000

• Commercial - from $5000

• Animation / video graphics/ motion design - from $1500.

We are interested in long-term cooperation with our customers and the qualitative result. Therefore, we are open to a detailed study and discussion of your project, to the formation of the best cost estimates and the search for the best implementation options within your budget.
How is video produced?
There are three main stages of video production:

1. Pre-production – filling out a brief, developing a creative concept, writing and approving on a synopsis and script, calculating of the costs for production, creating director's treatment and storyboard, selecting a production and post-production crew, casting and approval of actors, scouting of locations, sets, makeup and costumes, drafting and approval of production and post-production timing.

2. Production – process of shooting.

3. Post-production – editing, color grading, 2D/3D design, recording voice-over, video titration, composing or selecting music, sound design, production of all required video formats for the client.
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Video production studio in Kiev

How is commercial born in a production studioin Kiev?

Ukrainian production agency

Creative production studio

Creative productionstudio Eve.ua is a team of professionals who create high-quality full-cycle video production. We generate ideas and create the end-product in the form of commercial. If you already have your own vision or ready-made idea, our production agencywill help you implement it competently.

Our video productionstudio is ready to complete both the full cycle of production and join your project at a certain stage, paying attention to the details of your project.

The creation of a high-quality video product is preceded by several stages:

· development of a unique idea,

· pre-production,

· production,

· post-production.

Our coherent team of professionals will develop a creative idea in accordance with the needs of the client. As a result of collective creative search, several options for implementing the idea are born and one is chosen - the best one, original, memorable, which will ultimately present your product to the consumer.

Our production agency takes into account all the subtleties, the nuances of implementing the idea already at the stage of its development. In order for both us and the client to understand the roles in this creative process, a brief is needed. With its help, we know:

· how to shoot material,

· what funds will be needed,

· what resources to attract,

· what is the main goal at this stage,

· how to interact with the client.

We are a team of professionals that make unique creative production. The final result is important for us. The goal of our production agencyis the quality performance of work at all stages of product creation, building long-term friendly relations with our partners and clients, as well as ensuring brand awareness. It is important for us that the project entrusted to us is not only original and creative, but also brings tangible results to the client and fulfills the tasks of the business.

The main advantages of working with us for clients are:

· profit growth,

· increase brand awareness,

· powerful feedback.

When we see a growing number of video views and an increase in awareness of the advertised brand or product, when the level of sales rises, this means that we have achieved success. Thus, we understand that our work has achieved the desired results.

Many Kiev video media companies offer a full cycle production of the presentation videos. But few of them do it with such self-dedication as we do. Eve Production develops creative ideas in accordance with your goals and budget or offers options of implementation, taking into consideration the production process in advance. Thus, the client has an understanding of the final result even before the start of shooting.

The most important things for Eve Production are professionalism, creativity, result. Our motto is NOBODY, BUT US. We sincerely believe that we are doomed to success! We think that creative production studio should work like a Swiss watch. This belief helps us to produce a quality product. After all, only the coordinated work of production studio specialists on the set can guarantee the most accurate implementation of an idea. Well done commercials bring cool results to our clients and helps them achieve their goals.

We are ready to create an advertising video and animation for your business that will intrigue, motivate the client to try your product, awaken the desire to get in touch with your brand and fall in love with it forever.

Let's achieve our goals together and create a beautiful visual-emotional temptation for your client!

To start this process, just call us, write or apply the form in contacts.

Stages of creative production in detail

Pre-production - the stage of preparation for the implementation of the idea. It consists of:

· budgeting,

· budget approval,

· contract signing,

· script writing,

· location scouting and selection of filming equipment,

· development of makeup, costumes, scenery,

· interaction with the client.

Production is a stage of direct work on a project. Here the fun begins:

· final approval of details,

· casting,

· creation of scenery,

· filming or creating animations,

· interaction with the client.

Post-production is the most voluminous and time-consuming stage, in which our team combines all the material, all the work done in the previous stages, into a single whole, namely:

· video editing,

· color grading,

· sound design, dubbing,

· computer graphics adding (special effects, animation, subtitles, etc.),

· video mastering in the required formats,

· presentation of the final product to the client.

We are always glad to professionals. If you want to join our team, fill up the form and we'll contact you